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20 August 2007 @ 02:18 am
Title: No One Knows
Author: loudxmusic
Challenge/Prompt: cuddy_fest's 261TH prompt: House/Grey's Anatomy Crossover: Cuddy and Cameron have been together for quite some time now, and Meredith transfers to the hospital. A new hottie, a new desire.
Fandom: House, M.D and Grey's Anatomy
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: None.
Character/Ship: Cameron/Cuddy, implied Cameron/Cuddy/Meredith
Disclaimer: I am in no way affliated with David Shore, the FOX network, House, M.D in any other way, Shonda Rhimes, the ABC network, or Grey's Anatomy in any other way. No infringement is intended.

One was flirtatious. One was borderline possessive. That’s how she got when she found somebody special. Cameron was her special person, the one woman that she felt completely comfortable with.

Cuddy watches from her office door with great curiosity as Cameron spoke to an unfamiliar doctor. She practically flinches as she saw Cameron touch the woman’s shoulder and as she smiled that same cute, cheerful smile that Cuddy loved so much. When Previn glances over at Cuddy, she pretends to be flipping through a patient’s medical records that she handily kept in her hands every time she watched Cameron. That was something Cuddy could do all day. Every smile, every flip of her beautiful, blonde hair, every cross of her arms, it was all so wonderful to Lisa, and she only hoped that Cameron felt the same about her.

Finally, Cuddy was able to catch Cameron’s attention, who drew away from the woman she was talking to, and strode over to Cuddy. “Hey,” Cameron said softly as she fell in front of Cuddy. She smiles to her, just as she always does when she greets her girlfriend.

“Hey,” Cuddy replied, with a similar smile. She glances over Cameron’s shoulder to the other woman, who was now discussing something with a nurse. “Who’s that?”

“Oh,” Cameron began, glancing over shoulder as well, as if to not be sure who Cuddy was talking about, “Meredith Grey. She’s new… Transferred from Seattle a few days ago.”

Cuddy nodded, though attempted to press for more information without sounding jealous.

“I invited her over for dinner, if that’s okay,” Cameron continued.

“But Wednesday’s supposed to be our night,” Cuddy protested. “I was going to make you dinner.” Cuddy paused, glanced down, then back up at Cameron. “… I got a new bed.” Since they started seeing each other, Wednesday was always “their night.” Busy schedules and conflicting days off rarely allowed to the two to see each other outside of work, and Cuddy cherished the precious time she had with Allison. Every moment was a dream, weather they were eating dinner, watching a movie, or having their fair share of sex. Any sort of interruption, even by a silly, rather attractive looking woman, posed a big problem for Cuddy.

“It’s okay,” Cameron replied, touching her hand to Cuddy’s shoulder. “Who said you still couldn’t cook? Or use the new bed…?” She smirked, and couldn’t help but imagine her and that cute new doctor giving Lisa the night of her life.

“I still want you to myself,” Cuddy said, with a small laugh. “You know how I am.”

Cameron gave Cuddy a small smile, reaching her hand down to Cuddy’s and lacing it with her own. “I’m flattered,” she said genuinely. Before anybody spotted them, Cameron quickly pulled her fingers away from Cuddy’s, though all she wanted was to keep her fingers there for a bit longer. Even though Cameron had… Flirtatious tendencies, Cuddy was her girl. Always.

“So,” Cuddy began, turning slightly into her office and holding the door open for Cameron, “tell me about this Meredith girl. What’s she like?”

They sat on that comfortable, slightly worn out couch that sat in Cuddy office, where they constantly found themselves one way or another most days of the week. Cameron felt a smile rush to her face, happy that Cuddy had at least semi-accepted the idea of bringing Meredith into the picture, just for one night.

“She’s very nice,” Cameron tells her as she situates herself under Lisa’s arm. “Pretty, obviously… She has a lisp. It’s very small, but I think that adds to her cuteness. I think you’d like her. She seems kind of kinky, behind her whole little-girlish look.”

“Are you saying I’m kinky?” Cuddy inquired with mock defense in her voice.

“Yes, I am,” Cameron replied simply. “She’s definitely for girl on girl.”

“Uh huh, I’m sure she just came up to you and said, ‘Hey, let’s go fuck in the bathroom. And bring that Cuddy chick with you.’”

“I told her that you were coming over for dinner and things tonight, and all I said was that she was welcome to join us,” Cameron informed Cuddy. “And before I left,” Cameron paused to laugh, “she said, ‘I don’t want to make you one of my tequila lays.’”

Cuddy couldn’t help but laugh herself as she ran her fingers through Allison’s hair. “I guess she is down with it.”

The two lay there for a few more minutes, Cameron’s shoulders tucked under Cuddy’s arm, the older woman’s free hand running through the other’s hair, Just as Cuddy was starting to get comfortable, the fast, consistent beep of Cameron’s pager went off against her hip. “Damn it,” Cuddy said softly, reluctantly pulling her arm from Cameron’s shoulder.

Cameron let out her fair share of sighing, before sitting up in a kneeling position on the couch. Carefully, she bent down and placed her lips to Cuddy’s, kissing her with a bit of tongue and teasing her as she quickly nipped at Cuddy’s lips, then pulled away, and stood, straightening out her clothing. “So I’ll see you tonight? Seven o’clock?” Cameron clarified as if nothing had just happened.

“Of course,” Cuddy replied in the same oblivious tone that Cameron had just used.

“With Meredith.”

“With Meredith,” Cuddy echoed. “Sounds good.”

Cameron smiled. “Excellent.” She turned on her heel and left, swaying her hips slightly as she went. And even though Cuddy wanted Cameron all for herself, she couldn’t help but be excited for seven o’clock.
[not your late-night booty call]: housegirlsrainbowjumpsuit on August 20th, 2007 06:57 pm (UTC)
This story is so awesome. IT IS LOVE ♥

Hope there will be more, I'm intriguied. Great work hon!
loudxmusic: {LISA} ; Beautiful ;loudxmusic on August 20th, 2007 08:16 pm (UTC)
Can't go wrong with Cam/Cuddy! Lol. Thanks for reading! :)