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11 November 2007 @ 03:01 am
Title: Time Has Come Today [Multi-Chapter]
Chapter Title: Dare You To Move [Chpt. 2]
Author: Carlee loudxmusic in city_skies
Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy
Genre: Romance, angst
Rating: This chapter is PG13, but the whole fic will probably be R or close to NC17.
Character/Ship: Addison/Izzie, Addison/Derek, Addison
Spoilers: None in this chapter, but there may be some.
Summary: Derek loves Addison. And Addison should love Derek back. But a seven-month affair with the girl of your dreams makes it really easy to change that.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with ABC, Shondaland, or Grey’s Anatomy. No infringement is intended.

Stress. It was inevitable in Addison’s line of work. It was only six AM, and she had been on the job for almost twenty hours now, working her tired little ass off. As Addison passed it, the on-call room was practically screaming her name. And Addison could not resist. In fact, before she even opened the door of the room, her pager was already in her hand. The door eased open under Addison’s weight, and, much to her dismay, one of the beds was already filled. Addison preferred the on-call room when it was empty, when she could have it all to herself.

Addison recognized the stream of blond hair that spilled over the pillow and the tiny whistle of a snore.


Since the beginning of her three month marriage with Derek, Addison had successfully avoided Izzie, constantly making sure that they weren’t booked on the same OR and that Izzie had different days off then Addison. So far, everything was running smoothly, and Addison could go on with her “picture perfect” life.

Standing in front of the closed door of the on-call room, Addison wanted to climb into bed with Izzie, just like they did before. They would only be able to catch a few minutes, maybe a half hour at the most, together, but what they were able to get was enough. Addison could remember the way Izzie felt in her arms; soft skin, long hair, beautiful smile.

They had fallen for each other unexpectedly. Izzie was always Addison’s helping friend, she took care of Addison when Derek treated her poorly, buying her drinks, giving her a place to stay every once and a while. They would have the occasional sleep over, nothing romantic, in fact, the thought hadn’t even crossed Addison’s mind. They were just friends.

Izzie had found Addison in that same on-call room one night, several months ago, sobbing. Derek had kicked Addison out of his trailer, and Addison was sure that she and Derek were over. Izzie was Addison’s way out. She could get back at Derek with Izzie, she could regain some pleasure in life with Izzie, she could finally have somebody that would do anything for her.

Addison could remember how it felt to lift Izzie’s shirt above her head, how it felt have Izzie remove Addison’s stockings. She remembered the way Izzie softly moaned as Addison moved her lips across Izzie’s breasts and the way Izzie had gently pulled apart Addison’s legs.

Addison allowed the tiniest sigh to escape her lips as she carefully and quietly placed herself down on one of the beds, staring straight up at the bed above her.

When things began to seem like they would be okay, Addison heard Izzie stir in her sleep. Then the sound of Izzie’s feet hitting the floor and footsteps coming dangerously close to Addison’s bed.

Though her eyes were closed, Addison knew Izzie was standing in front of her bed. She could hear the younger woman breathing heavily. When she breathed heavily, she had something to say. Addison was in for it.

“Why?” Izzie’s voice cracked through the silent air.

Addison’s eyes blinked open and she sat up on the bed. “Izzie-“

“-Don’t ‘Izzie’ me!” the woman barked back at Addison. “Don’t you dare even think about asking me for forgiveness. You lied to me! I loved you and you went right around and lied to me! I did everything for you, and that’s how you repay me?”

Addison felt a wave of guilt wash over her, so much to the point that she was beginning to feel nauseous. “Izzie, look, I’m-“

“No, I don’t forgive you, so don’t even try!” Tears were trembling up in Izzie’s voice, and she wasn’t about to let Addison see her cry. So, without another word, Izzie exited the on-call room.

Just as the door closed behind her, Izzie began to cry. Heavy tears rolled down her pale cheeks as she sunk down the floor, knees up to her chest. She loved Addison, more then anything, and Addison went right around and stabbed Izzie in the back. Izzie was told that Addison and Derek were no longer, and that everything was going great. Izzie and Addison were happy, spending a wonderful seven months together.

Izzie could remember the night Addison told her. The night that Izzie went home and cried into the pink sheets that she and Addison had shared many nights before. The night that Meredith stayed up late with Izzie, rubbing her back and attempting to sooth her friend. The night that after Meredith had went to bed, Izzie had found herself a bottle of sleeping pills, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Addison had taken away the one thing that was even worth living for anymore. Love.
loudxmusic: {GREY'S} Addison ;loudxmusic on November 12th, 2007 06:03 am (UTC)
Thank you, I'm glad you like it!